​The Soap Haven is a small family run business.

Our journey started as a search for a solution to eczema, extremely sensitive, and chronically dry skin (to the point of cracking and bleeding).

​It led to a fascinating journey ​​​as we discovered ​the ​terrible ingredients used in practically all skincare ​products sold on store shelves.

​Setting ourselves high standards of using only the best all natural, non-GMO, or organic ingredients, we started working with small American producers who take pride in their produce, ​such as USDA organic/non-GMO certified plant oils, ​and small family goat farms to ​produce the finest natural soap, all proudly handmade ​in the USA.

When you buy from The Soap Haven, you can buy with peace of mind, knowing that we will NEVER ​sell anything we ourselves would not use for our own family. This means absolutely no sulfates, no parabens, and no questionable chemicals.

We invite you to join us in saving your skin!​